An excellent signal transmission tool

An excellent signal transmission tool


Optical fiber application in life

An excellent signal transmission tool

                      An excellent signal transmission tool

FCJ G652.D/LL optical fiber jumper is a standard low loss single-mode optical fiber. Optical fiber is the abbreviation of optical fiber, which is a kind of fiber made of glass or plastic and can be used as a light transmission tool. It seems that optical fiber is far away from our lives. In fact, optical fiber FCJ G652.D/LL is affecting our lives at an amazing speed. It is precisely because of the laying of optical fiber networks that they can be spread all over the world in an instant.

Optical fiber application in life

1. Optical fiber application communication is also used for Internet access

2. Optical fiber applied medicine, for example, optical fiber endoscope can be used to guide the heart, measure blood pressure in the heart, the saturation of itching in the blood, temperature, etc

3. Communication, transmitting optical signals. It is called the ultimate human communication technology. The backbone communication networks (telephone and Internet) around the world are all connected by optical cables.

4. Sensor applications, optical fiber can send sunlight to all corners, but also can be machined. Computers, robots, automobile power distribution panels, etc. have also successfully used optical fibers to transmit light sources or images.

5. Optical fiber art application: optical fiber three-dimensional mirror, optical fiber waterfall, optical fiber stereoscopic ball and other artistic modeling are used locally on the facade of the site.

Classification of optical fibers

Single mode fiber has a small core diameter and can only transmit one mode of light wave.FCJ G652.D/LL

The core diameter of multimode fiber is large, and it can transmit multiple modes of light waves.

Diameter difference of fiber core

The core diameter of multimode fiber and single-mode fiber is obviously different. The core diameter of multimode fiber is usually 50 or 62.5 µ m, while that of single-mode fiber is 9 µ m. In view of this difference, a single-mode fiber can only transmit optical signals with a wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm on a narrow core diameter. However, the advantages of a small core are that the optical signal travels along a straight line in a single-mode fiber without refraction, with small dispersion and high bandwidth; The multimode fiber has a wide core, which can transmit multiple modes at a given working wavelength. At the same time, because there are hundreds of transmission modes in multimode fiber, and the propagation constant and group rate of each mode are different, the fiber has narrow bandwidth, large dispersion, and large loss.

Differences in light sources

FCJ G652.D/LL Light sources usually include laser light source and LED light source. Single mode optical fiber uses laser light source, and multimode optical fiber uses LED light source.




Comparison of transmission distance between single-mode fiber FCJ G652.D/LL and multimode fiber

FCJ G652.D/LL Single mode optical fiber is suitable for long distance transmission, and multimode optical fiber is suitable for short distance transmission,

The selection of single-mode fiber and multimode fiber should be considered according to the actual transmission distance and cost. If the transmission distance is 300-400 meters, multimode fiber can be used. If the transmission distance reaches thousands of meters, FCJ G652.D/LL single-mode fiber is the best choice.

Precautions for use of  FCJ G652.D/LL optical fiber

It is forbidden to pull FCJ G652.D/LL optical fiber forcibly, which may easily cause optical fiber cracking.

It is strictly prohibited to twist FCJ G652.D/LL optical fiber lines to avoid possible twisting of optical fiber lines. The fiber shall be coiled along the natural relaxation state of the fiber.

After FCJ G652.D/LL is used, the optical fiber connector must be protected with a dust cap. Dust and oil will damage the optical fiber coupling.

If the FCJ G652.D/LL connector is dirty, it can be cleaned with a fiber wiping box or cotton swab dipped in alcohol, otherwise the communication quality will be affected.

FCJ G652.D/LL, with its low-cost glass material, is easy to measure and maintain properties, which makes it widely used in communication networks and brings great changes to our lives.

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