Well Chosen Optical Fiber, Communication is not bad

Well Chosen Optical Fiber, Communication is not bad


Effective choice of optical fiber could improve the communication.

The full name of optical fiber is optical fiber, which is made of glass or plastic and can be used as a tool of light transmission. At present, it is widely used in communication. Now, how fast can optical fiber information transmission be? The latest research shows that scientists have made a major breakthrough in the speed of optical fiber communication, successfully achieving a transmission rate of 1.84Pbit/s, which is equivalent to transmitting data of about 236 1TB hard disks per second. Nowadays, in the era of advanced communication and information, the role of optical fiber is of course indispensable.

Optical fiber

Optical fiber internal introduction

Optical fiber is divided into multimode optical fiber and single-mode optical fiber, both of which have their own bright spots. Choosing the corresponding optical fiber according to your actual needs can greatly improve our communication speed. Multi-mode fiber allows different modes of light to be transmitted on one fiber. Because the core diameter of multi-mode fiber is large, cheaper couplers and connectors can be used. The core diameter of multi-mode fiber is 50µm to 100µm. Compared with multimode fiber, single-mode fiber has a long transmission distance. In 100Mbps Et6hernet and even 1 Gigabit network, single-mode fiber can support transmission distance of more than 5000m.

Single mode


Difference between multimode fiber and single-mode fiber;

1、 Long transmission distance of single mode;

2、 The multimode transmission bandwidth is large;

3、 No single mode dispersion, reliable quality;

4、 Single mode usually uses laser as light source, which is expensive, while multimode usually uses cheap LED

5、 The price of single mode is relatively high;

6、 Multi-mode is cheap and can be transmitted at short distance;

7、 The center glass core of single-mode optical fiber is very thin (the core diameter is generally 9 or 10µm), and only one mode of light can be transmitted;

8、 The center glass core of multimode fiber is relatively thick (the core diameter is generally 50 or 62.5m), which can transmit various modes of light.

Single mode


Optical fiber has become an indispensable product in our life, and multimode and single-mode optical fibers have their own bright spots. Choose the right optical fiber according to your actual needs, and make communication easier!